The One With the OPI Light Up Pumpkin

Helloooo blog! Happy almost Halloween!! Today I have another OPI post, this time using their Nordic Gel Color collection. As soon as I opened the box I spotted the perfect pumpkin orange and I knew what I was going to do. Light up jack-o-lantern!

The One With The OPI Sand Castle

Hellooooo everybodyyy! I was sent some of the awesome OPI Brazilian Collection gels to play around with and this is what I came up with. I knew I wanted to something really summery since the collection was inspired by Brazil. I immediately thought sand castle once I saw "Dont Bossa Nova Me Around". Its the perfect sand color!

The One With ISSE Long Beach

At the end of January I was in California for ISSE Long Beach! The Next Top Nail Artist finalists competed live and there was a party for the Top 12 to announce the winner. It was so great to finally meet all the other finalists and judges in person. Annnndddd I got to go to the Central Perk set from Friends which was literally the best thing in the whole word. So overall.. I had a lot of fun and shopped way too much....

I need some super cool nails so I decided to put some claws on to give myself a little more room to play. I literally could not function at all with these things.. It took me about 5 whole minutes just to put a ponytail in my hair. I got used to them eventually but they are not going to be a permanent addition... Way too hard to do nails with these.. 

The One With the Skingraft Nails

Hellllooooo my blog! Long time no see! I feel like a broken record and I'm always saying this but.. yes, I am the worlds worst blogger. I need to stop with the on and off and actually post regularly. So from now on thats what I'm doing!.. or at least until WWBS (Worlds Worst Blogger Syndrome) kicks in.. Yup. I gave it a name. Thats what I shall call it. Is that weird.. oh well.

Sooo. Since I last left off I've been super busy and a bunch of things have been going on. If you want to stay up to date with everything you can check out my instagram because I'm on there for 99% of my life. My most recent adventure has been New York Fashion Week! I worked a bunch of awesome shows but Skingraft was definitely my favorite. Pretty much everything was black with gold hardware and fur pom poms so it was right up my alley. The show was super awesome and the clothes were amazing and I knew it must be put on my nails.

The One With Nail Tech Tuesday #18 (Halloween Edition!)

So todays Nail Tech Tuesday is actually Nail Tech Saturday... I was sick last week and completely didn't realize Tuesday was the last Tuesday before Halloween.. So yeah... Nail Tech Saturday it is!

The One WIth Next Top Nail Artist! (Challenges 4-6)

Okkkkk NTNA update! This is for challenges 4,5,and 6. 
First, a little update on the results from Challenge 3 (the mural contest). You can see that entry in my last post. I reallly hated mine. Like really hated it. Like its in a drawer right now and I wont even put it on my wall hated it. AND I WAS TOP 3! I literally almost fainted when I read the results. So I guess its not as horrible as I thought..Anyways... onto the new challenges!

Challenge 4: INM The Swan

The One With Next Top Nail Artist Challenges 2&3!

Since I'm a little behind I decided to combine both of these challenges in one post. Voting for challenge 3 ends today and the new challenge will be up Friday which I'm SUPER SUPER excited about because I really love the way they turned out.

Challenge #2:
This challenge was sponsored by Entity Beauty. We were asked to create a set of nails using 3D designs that went along with their ad promotion: "You've always been mysterious". I had absolutely NO idea what I was going to do at first. Literally.. mind blank. So I looked around online and found this awesome picture and decided to use it as my inspiration.

The One With Nail Tech Tuesday #17

So first up are Disney nails I did for my friend Jeannette! She does nails too! You can find her at iLuvUrNailz on instagram and tumblr

The One With Next Top Nail Artist Challenge #1

So its officially the first challenge for Nails Next Top Nail Artist! This week our challenge was to design nail appliques for Dashing Diva's Spring 2014 collection. We had a list of themes to choose from and I went with Art Deco! I used Holly Fulton's clothing as my inspiration.