The One With The Alexander McQueen Nails!

Kay. So I never wanna take these off. Ever. I am literally so obsessed with my nails right now it's ridiculous. I stare at them every 3 minutes. Im actually getting a little distracted while in writing this. I usually don't say this and nit pick every little detail but these are exactly what I wanted. I did some little McQueen skulls on my friends nails a week or 2 ago and ever since then I've been dying to do these. I didn't have time, as usual, until now. The worst thing about doing everyone elses nail is never having time for my own! The only one thing I regret is the direction of the lines on my ring finger. I shouldn't have made the lines curve out because it makes my nail look even more flared out than it actually is. It aggravates me so much that they do that. Anywayssss... here theyy are!

Loooook. Look. Are you looking?... McQueen is my favoriteeee designer...besides Valentino. I went to the Savage Beauty exhibit at the MET senior year and I pretty much wanted to live inside of it. Just give me a pillow and I'll be all set. 

These nails called for a photoshoot with my scarf of course. I really want the pillow to match but I cant find it anywhere!

I used gel for these so I can keep them on a little longer without getting ruined by acetone.. or acrylic.. or something. The black is Gelish Black Shadow and the nude is Gelish Taupe Model. All the designs were done with acrylic paint.

Soo thats all for today! I'm obviously wearing my skull scarf every single day until these come off. I think I might cry a little when they do. I think I wanna start a designer/fashion inspired series. I pretty much haven't designed or drew anything for over a year so maybe it will get some juices flowing. We'll see. In the meantime, I'm gonna keep staring at my nails. byyeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 

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  1. I found you on tumblr. I love the shape of your nails.

  2. Loooove. So much. Your nail shape, the art, SO PRETTY!

  3. :O So cool! I love the shape of your nails so much! You really work it girl!

  4. This mani rocks!!! Love the color combos and designs. It is neatly made and looks unique. Love it!