The One With Shimmer Polish Natalie!

Hellloooooooo! Cindy from Shimmer Polish just sent me a bunch of polishes to share with all of you! First up is Natalie. This was my absolute favorite of them all. The second I opened it I was in loveeee. 

Natalie is described as a dusty blue, copper, and gold glitter polish. The copper looks almost orangey so... blue and orange... need I say more. If you know me, you know I have this blue and orange obsession. Its one of my favoriteeee color combos. This is 2 coats of Natalie over a black base.

I obviously couldnt leave it all alone. It needed some nail art to keep it company. I was drawing a blank for a while and then the idea came to me! Outline nails! I haven't done them in a while and I didn't like the way they turned out then anyways.

I love the way the glitter looks framed with a solid color. I originally just did my thumb and ring finger but they rest of them got jealous so I did them too.

You all need this polish NOW. Go buy it. go.. I'll wait.. 

So that's my new BFF Natalie. I really want to try it over blue so she shall return eventually. I have a bunch more to show you so keep checking back for more swatches! You can buy Shimmer Polish here for $12 each.

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  1. This color looks very pretty! I really like the shape of your nails^^

  2. Replies
    1. thank you! it's supposed to be the colors of a sunset on a lake! :)

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    1. Thanks! It wouldnt be as great without your amazingggggggg polish! :)

  4. Que fofinho, ficou bem bacana!
    Bjos e boa semana!

  5. Love it! So cool. Any tips for framing? I've been thinking of trying it but haven't been able to figure out the best way.

    1. Thanks! Ummm.. not really hahaa I just used acrylic paint on a little paint brush and traced around my nail. Sorry I'm not much help :/

  6. amazing!!!!1 i absolutely love this. the glitter and white look so pretty in contrast