The One With the Negative Space Nails!

My left hand is usually all decorated and crazy but my right hand is just way too boring. It usually has just solid polish, some kind of glitter fade, or nothing at all. They have literally been naked for 2 weeks and its driving me crazy to look at them! So... They needed some fixing.

I'm always finding myself buying nail stickers and never using them. I have these black and gold studded ones from Dashing Diva that I have wanted to try for forever so I decided to throw them on! I also incorporated one into my left hand design because I love it so much.

I used the Dashing Diva sticker on my pointer and painted in some other random designs on the rest of my nails. I used negative space in my middle, ring, and thumb and then just left my pinky solid. I got the bow idea from a picture I saw online but I don't know who it's from :/

I lovvvvvvveeeee the bow. The thumb was definitely my favorite. 

Now for the stickers... 
The Dashing Diva stickers are great... and not so great... Well I love this design so that was a plus. However, they are pretty difficult to put on. I was having a tough time getting them on there smooth. They have no stretch or give to them since they aren't the "real nail polish" strips. I needed to make a few little slits along the edges so I could push them down flat. I don't my nail shape made it any easier either... Aside from that, my nails are annoyingly shaped. They are skinnier at the top and widen out at the bottom. None of the stickers fit my whole nail so I had to use a size bigger and then cut out my cuticle shape with little nail scissors. It was too complicated, it was similar to cutting out the nail shape for silk and fiberglass wraps. 

After the whole tugging and pulling and smushing and pushing to get them flat... They don't stay on well. Once again, because they are real polish they peel up very easily. Dashing Diva recommends to use their gel for extended wear. I put a layer of base and then a layer topcoat on top of the sticker and they stayed on great. AND, theres no acetone for removal! They peel right off with absolutely no damage to the nail. Really, no damage.. I tried it!

Thats allll for today. Hopefully I'll keep putting my giant box of stickers to god use and stop neglecting my other hand. 


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