The One With the Emilio de la Morena Nails!

More fashion inspired nails today!! These nails were inspired by Emilio de la Morena's Fall 2013 collection. I came across it while I was looking around on and absolutely loved the print! It kinda reminded me of the Dharma logo from Lost so I guess thats partially why I liked it so much. I havent really seen much of his work but I knew his name was familiar. I looked through a few of his other collections and I found a lot more great nail inspiration! I will definitely be returning to him for some more ideas. 

These were a lot of fun and I really loved the way they came out. They took forever to do but it was worth it. I painted all of my nails black and used acrylic paint to draw in all the lines. For the thinner lines I used a striper brush that I cut so it only has a few bristles. And the rest was done with with a tiny detail brush.

Heres the looks for the collection that I used as my inspiration:

I love doing these fashion inspired nails! It combines both of the things I really love. I have a bunch more planned that will hopefully be coming up soon! 


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