The One With Nail Tech Tuesday #8

Time for another Nail Tech Tuesday!!! I really need to keep up with these better... I literally say this every time. Do I do it? Nope. 
Kay. Anyways. Heressss the nails. 

My moms roses and stripes inspired by Haus of Lacquer. Full set of acrylics with gel polish.
Black: Gelish Black Shadow
Nude: Gelish A Taupe Model
Red: Acrylic Paint

Simple white and gold glitter. Full set of acrylics with gel polish.
White: Shellac Cream Puff
Gold: Loose Glitter

Black & white natural nail gel manicure. 
 Black: Gelish Black Shadow
White: Shellac Cream Puff

Purple Zebra natural nail gel manicure. 
Purple: IBD Slurple Purple
The rest was done with acrylic paint. The rhinestones were glued on and then cured into gel topcoat. 

Natural nail manicure. 
 Black: Nails Inc Black Taxi
Gold: Essie Good as Gold 
I used acrylic paint for the white designs and nail glue to hold the studs on. 

And heres the few Valentines Day nails I did that I never posted. All 3 are full sets of acrylic with gel polish and acrylic paint for the designs. And glitter of course!


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  1. Lexi you did a great job! I love your mom's roses :D
    I nominated you for the liebster award on my blog :)