The One With SOPI Havana Dreams!

So first off, I know I said I had some more Shimmer polish coming last week... I wasnt really loving the pictures I took so I reswatched it and took them again. And now I have to re-edit. So they'll be up sometime this week. That being said, heres my "I was too lazy/I had no time to do my nails" nails. I dont know why but I was just really in the mood for baby blues nails. I used my favorite baby blue, Sephora by OPI Havana Dreams.

 I lovvvvvveeee the color of this. Im on my second bottle! And I have never really finished a bottle of polish before except this one. And OPI Mad As A Hatter. Anywayssss, Havana Dreams is a baby blue but its not so milky and white like Essie Borrowed & Blue, which I also really love. The only downside to this is its pretty sheer. I need 4 coats for full coverage. Regardless, I think this is one of my favorite polishes ever. And thats saying alot since I have almost 1400....

I reallllllly need to do some nail art. It kills me to have plain nails. lol. I honestly have no idea what I want to do next though. I usually have some ideas floating around up there but my brain is empty right now.

Check back this week for some Shimmer Polish! I really mean it this time.... haha. And hopefully I'll come up with something to put on my nails!

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