The One With The Neon Flowers!

So I'm actually in love with these nails. I was really excited to post these but now Im more concerned with the man eating bug sitting on the ceiling right now. Someone really needs to come home and kill it because I'm afraid to move until it's gone. Its actually HUGE. Like really. 

Enough about the killer bug for right now.. Even though its on my mind... Forever.. Until its dead. 

Neon flower nails!! I got this idea the other day when I was doing my friend Darias nails. She wanted flowers on her nails in these colors and I realllllyyy loved them! There will be a picture of those somewhere in this post. They are very Springy/Summer. Neons just scream Summer... and well, florals..Spring. Duh. And I really hate Summer...and I really hate flowers.. but I love these. Go figure. Hahaa. 

and I really hate the bugs that come along with Spring and Summer if you couldnt tell...

I used and NYC white polish as a base. I don't even know the name.... It might just be white. lol.
So far its my favorite out of the whites I tried but its still not "the one." :/
I used acrylic paint for the flowers and topped them with 2 coats of Poshe. I think these are even brighter and more obnoxious in person which is crazy. I loveemm.

And my favorite part about neons.. THEY GLOW.
I wanted to take some pictures under the black light at my party store but I'm not gonna be there until later this week. I used my LED light instead and I think they came out soooo cool.

And here are Daria's nails that started them all!

So thats all for todayyy.

If you don't hear from me again thats because the bug ate me in my sleep. 


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  1. Lexi, these look AWESOME!!!!! They look like nail stickers, i'm just in shock over your talent. the fact that they glow makes them uber cool. I'm also surprised that I just now realized you had a blog and not just the Instagram which I follow.

    I also hate bugs, especially spiders. If there is ever one in my bedroom at night, I refuse to go to sleep until someone kills it. Or my favorite, I take a book, wrap it in tissues, and then smash said bug. Ew.

    1. Thanks so much!! :D Yup I have a blog too! Im pretty much on every social media site there is... I don't even remember where I am half the time lol.

      OMG there was another one at night and I threw something at it and it fell and I couldnt find it so I went and slept in our guest room until my dad went and found it the next day hahahaaa

  2. Oh gosh, hope you're safe now O__O
    I hate bugs too (well, actually I hate every kind of insects)

    To the nail art: When I first saw the flowers I thought they're nice. Nothing extraordinaire but still pretty. But when I saw the glowing effect I was like *_____* Amazing! Haha Love that part the most, definitely something I'd wear going to the club

    1. Anything that is creepy and crawly and flies needs to stay away from me! lol

      Hahaaa thanks! :)

  3. Very VERY cool! I love neons and the flowers are so animated... it's perfect :)

  4. eeep I hope that bug is gone by now!
    I really love the colors you chose and the design, its so pretty together! I just found your blog today! I've looked through some other posts of yours and your art is pretty amazing. I'll be back to visit again for sure!

    1. Its gone.. hopefully it stays gone.. lol

      Thanks so much! Glad you found me! :)

  5. this is ridiculous! i saw this mani all over instagram yesterday, girl. it is AWESOME!

  6. OMG they are incredible! Love the shape of your nails!

  7. I am sure the bug is nothing to worry about ;)

    And your nails look amazing, the flowers looks so perfect and I love the bright neon colours!

    1. little tiny fruit flies freak me out... this thing almost gave me a heart attack! haha

      thanks! i love neons too :)

  8. These. Are. Perfect.

    Look at 'em glo'!