The One With Shimmer Polish Tracy

Today I have another Shimmer Polish to show you! As usual, its absolutely amazing! 
This is 2 coats Shimmer Polish Tracy over Essie Good as Gold. Tracy is described as a "tarnished gold with bars." I didnt really notice any bars though. Im not a huge fan of them anyways so thats good I guess haha. As allllll of the Shimmer Polishes, the formula was perfect. Not too thick but covers your nail in glitter!

Gold is the dominant color but theres a bunch of others in there as well. Reds, oranges, blues, pinks, greens... I think the whole rainbow is there!

It is SO SPARKLLYYYY in real life! I feel like I have little sparkling diamonds on my nails. This is one polish that actually doesnt NEED nail art... but.. this is me we're talking about.. we all know thats not gonna happen. Lol

I did some mint green v-gaps and added a white outline. I used acrylic paint for both. Then topped them with 2 coats of Poshe. I originally had it on all the nails with some rhinestones but I wasnt really loving it.

So I took those 2 fingers off and just left them glittery because the polish is so pretty. And I was a little too lazy to do them all over again.... but we'll just go with the other thing lol 

If you want to go buy this or check out some other Shimmer Polishes you can go here. And I highly suggest you do. Because they're amazing. Really. 


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