The One With the Black and White Tribalish Nails

Quick little post for today. I did these nails last week for when I was in Mohegan Sun for my sisters dance competition and never got around to putting them up. So here they are now! These were inspired by PrettyProject on instagram.
The base is Artistic Colour Gloss Bride, black acrylic paint for the designs and sealed with Gelish topcoat. I used glue to hold on the studs.. Oh! and the pinkie is Gelish Black Shadow as a base instead of the white. I did a video of my doing them on instagram if you wannnaaa go check that out. 

So thats all. I only liked this one picture...The rest were annoying me so this one will just have to do.


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  1. This is so detailed and beautiful! The gold really adds to the classic black and white combination.

  2. You're so perfectionist! It's so amazing!

  3. Sometimes one pic is all it needs. It's an absolutely fabulous mani!

  4. Hello, im Brenda from New Zealand, ive just joined your site. Luv your art work. thank you so much for sharing it with me.

  5. What the difference between gel polish to regular. Can you use on natural nails. Brenda

    1. Gel polish is cured under a UV or LED light. It dries instantly and doesn't chip. and yes you can use it on natural nails