The One With The Balmain Tribal Nails

More fashion inspired nails today. These are from Balmain's Resort 2012 collection. I wore these a few weeks ago to Long Island Nail Tech Network Day. I was looking around for some inspiration when I came across this dress and immediately knew I had to do something with it. They took me 2 days to finish because I kept getting interrupted but I reallyyy really loved the way they came out. Plus they're blue and orange! Yay!

I started off with a custom mixed yellow gel polish. I then added a darker brown to the base and roughly sponged it over the nails to give it a similar texture to dress pattern. I painted everything else with acrylic paint and some custom gel colors for the larger shapes. Everything was topped off with 2 coats of Gelish Topcoat. 

aaand my friend Sana gave me a fancy schmancy accent finger henna tattoo


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  1. These are amazing! I love them!

  2. Stunning artwork! Love these and the effects you did! Love them so much!! These must have taken you so much time, but they are absolutely worth every single effort and time spent on them! :D