The One With Next Top Nail Artist Challenge #1

So its officially the first challenge for Nails Next Top Nail Artist! This week our challenge was to design nail appliques for Dashing Diva's Spring 2014 collection. We had a list of themes to choose from and I went with Art Deco! I used Holly Fulton's clothing as my inspiration.

Now this is the part where YOU come in! Public voting starts TOMORROW FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 13 on the Next Top Nail Artist site!! Please please please cast your vote and help me stay in the competition!! I will have the direct voting link up on all my social media sites on Friday!! Thank youuu thank youuu thankk yoouuuuu <333>

Plus!! the winner might be part of the new Dashing Diva collection! So if you want these on your nails then you better go vote ;) now. or else. :D


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  1. Great post ;)