The One With Next Top Nail Artist Challenges 2&3!

Since I'm a little behind I decided to combine both of these challenges in one post. Voting for challenge 3 ends today and the new challenge will be up Friday which I'm SUPER SUPER excited about because I really love the way they turned out.

Challenge #2:
This challenge was sponsored by Entity Beauty. We were asked to create a set of nails using 3D designs that went along with their ad promotion: "You've always been mysterious". I had absolutely NO idea what I was going to do at first. Literally.. mind blank. So I looked around online and found this awesome picture and decided to use it as my inspiration.

Soooo this is what I came up with. I made all the little white balls out of glow in the dark acrylic so they glow just like the inspiration picture.

And theennnnn... the more I looked at it, I decided it was too simple and I wanted something more complex and sculpted. So I was back to square 1 with absolutely NO idea what the hell I was doing. And then it hit me! Many of you might know I'm obsessed with Halloween and witches so I thought along those lines. I went with the spellbook from the movie Hocus Pocus with I absolutely loveee. Everything is hand sculpted from acrylic. I have a pictorial up on my Nails Mag Nail Art Gallery so you can see how I did them! 

And here is my description that went along with the nails:
For this challenge I chose to embody the spell book from the movie, Hocus Pocus. Although "creepy" may bode a better description for the book, it is mysterious nonetheless. The whole art of witchcraft is a mystery within itself. Spells, potions, charms. How does it all work? It is a question we yearn to find the answer to, or at least I do. Is it real or all just a hoax? We may never know. It might be for the better. If we knew, it would be a mystery no longer.

Challenge #3:
For this challenge we needed to create a nail mural inspired by our home town/state. I'm from NY so I went with the fashion district in NYC. I tried about 5 different ideas and I hated them all and kept throwing them across the room. Plus it was a super busy week so I have as much time as I wanted to spend on them so I wound up with this. And i hate it. Soooo  yeah..
If you could plleeeeeeeeease go and vote for me I would love you sooooo much :D Voting starts every Friday and ends on Wednesdays.


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  1. Your first set got me speechless, girl. I love it. I just think it is perfect...

    The second is amazing too, a whole different concept. Really well executed!

  2. The first one *__* It's perfection!

  3. Absolutely adore these! I can't choose between the first two. I like them both very much!