The One With the Skingraft Nails

Hellllooooo my blog! Long time no see! I feel like a broken record and I'm always saying this but.. yes, I am the worlds worst blogger. I need to stop with the on and off and actually post regularly. So from now on thats what I'm doing!.. or at least until WWBS (Worlds Worst Blogger Syndrome) kicks in.. Yup. I gave it a name. Thats what I shall call it. Is that weird.. oh well.

Sooo. Since I last left off I've been super busy and a bunch of things have been going on. If you want to stay up to date with everything you can check out my instagram because I'm on there for 99% of my life. My most recent adventure has been New York Fashion Week! I worked a bunch of awesome shows but Skingraft was definitely my favorite. Pretty much everything was black with gold hardware and fur pom poms so it was right up my alley. The show was super awesome and the clothes were amazing and I knew it must be put on my nails.
So first off.. yes, I have claws. For now.. I put them on when I went to ISSE in Long Beach last month (post on that coming soon) and I decided to leave them on until IBS in March. I am semi-able to function but they're always getting in the way of doing nails. Second, say hello to my new logo! Its by Kayln Foxx who did an absolutely amazing job! I love it so much.

Onto the nails.
They all are Presto Minaccioso as a base and then I studded and stoned them up to look like the skirt. The middle finger has 2 giant Swarovski triangles that I bought in the city the other day. I really love the big one a lot. Downside is I cant fit any rings over it....
For the pinkie I sculpted little triangles out of black acrylic to mimic the pattern on the jacket

If you haven't seen the rest of the collection stop reading this and go check it out now. 

Then come back.. I'm not done.. 

On my right hand I still have my baby claws. I would be completely incapable of doing anything with long nails on both hands. I'm just gonna start a new trend..
I just have some black glitter and then I put another giant Swarovski triangle on the thumb. I need more of these ASAP. 

Well thats all for now! If I don't keep up with my posting, feel free to come yell at me. It's not my fault.. it;s the WWBS. 


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P.S. I didn't make a new signature yet. So..... 

just bye. 


  1. You are amazing no matter how often you post. These are fantastic. ^^