The One With ISSE Long Beach

At the end of January I was in California for ISSE Long Beach! The Next Top Nail Artist finalists competed live and there was a party for the Top 12 to announce the winner. It was so great to finally meet all the other finalists and judges in person. Annnndddd I got to go to the Central Perk set from Friends which was literally the best thing in the whole word. So overall.. I had a lot of fun and shopped way too much....

I need some super cool nails so I decided to put some claws on to give myself a little more room to play. I literally could not function at all with these things.. It took me about 5 whole minutes just to put a ponytail in my hair. I got used to them eventually but they are not going to be a permanent addition... Way too hard to do nails with these.. 
 I did these based off of a set I did for Tipsy Zine.

They're inspired by the McQueen Spring 2010 collection, which is one of my absolute favorites of all time. I was originally going to go with a different part of the collection but then these popped into my head and I liked them so much better. Theres so much inspiration in there so I will definitely be revisiting it soon.

So thats all for the nails.. Heres some haul pics and Central Perk!


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  1. These are pretty spectacular, Lexi! Good work, pulling of a 5 minute pony tail wearing those lovelies, I don't think I could manage even that. ^^

    Nice to see you posting again. We've missed you.


  2. McQueen was such a genius.
    Do you find his The Girl Who Lived In The Tree inspirational, too?
    I equally love both collections, but for different reasons.

    (Also, Anastasia Radevich's shoes.)

  3. Excuse my language but HOLY SHIT those nails are freaking amazing!!!!!!

  4. oHHH! Those look sick, in a good way! They simply rock! :D Great job!